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Golisano Children's Museum of Naples: Nurturing Young Minds in Naples, FL

The Golisano Children's Museum of Naples (C'MON) is a cherished educational gem in Naples, Florida. Since its inauguration in 2012, C'MON has been dedicated to inspiring creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning in children and families. Visit this link for more information.


Hands-On Learning and Interactive Exhibits:

C'MON provides an immersive environment with interactive exhibits designed to stimulate young minds. From exploring the wonders of science and art to diving into nature's marvels, children engage in hands-on learning experiences that spark their imagination. Read about Naples Historical Society: Safeguarding Heritage and Enriching Culture in Naples, FL here.

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Outdoor Adventures and Nature Exploration:

The museum's outdoor area offers a delightful escape for active play and exploration. With a vibrant splash zone and a charming garden, children can revel in the joys of nature while developing physical and social skills.


Community Engagement and Accessibility:

C'MON actively collaborates with schools, educators, and community organizations to extend its impact beyond the museum's walls. The museum is committed to inclusivity and ensures access to educational resources for all children.


A Dynamic Space for Growth:

As an ever-evolving institution, Golisano Children's Museum of Naples continues to innovate and adapt its exhibits and programs to cater to the evolving needs of young learners. C'MON remains an indispensable educational resource in Naples, Florida through its dedication to child development and fostering a love for learning.

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