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Preserving Naples' Legacy: Naples Historical Society in Naples, FL

The Naples Historical Society, based in Naples, Florida, is a dedicated organization committed to preserving and celebrating the rich history of this charming coastal community. Founded in 1962, the society has been instrumental in showcasing Naples' historical, cultural, and architectural heritage. Visit this link for more information.

History and Heritage

The Naples Historical Society delves into the city's past, highlighting its origins as a quaint fishing village in the late 19th century and transforming into a popular resort destination. It is a repository of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts that shed light on the community's evolution. Read about Preserving Nature's Beauty: The Naples Preserve in Naples, FL here.

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Historic Palm Cottage

The heart of the society's mission is preserving the historic Palm Cottage, Naples' oldest house, built in 1895. This beautifully restored cottage is open to the public and offers guided tours that provide insight into the daily life of early Naples residents.

Educational Programs

The society offers educational programs, lectures, and exhibitions that delve into the region's history and architecture, fostering an appreciation for Naples' unique heritage among residents and visitors alike.

Community Engagement

Through partnerships, events, and volunteer opportunities, the Naples Historical Society actively engages the local community in preserving and celebrating Naples' past, ensuring that its history remains an integral part of its vibrant present and future.

Exploring Naples' History

For those interested in Naples, FL, the Naples Historical Society provides a fascinating window into the city's past. It offers a chance to step back and appreciate the rich history that has shaped this beautiful coastal community.

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