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Taking in the Scenery: Visiting Naples' Best Nature Trails and Gardens

Nestled between the sea and the lush landscape of southern Italy lies the spectacular city of Naples. While most often known for its buzzing, vibrant city life, a visit to Naples can also include taking in its stunning natural scenery and exploring some of the best nature paths and gardens. Naples, FL can be seen here. 


Napoli Hills will offer stunning views over the bay and Mount Vesuvius. Take a walking tour of the hills and explore the ancient forest and the array of the diverse wildlife that the region has to offer. During the spring months, an array of fragrant wildflowers can be found in the meadows and serve as a reminder of Italy’s natural beauty. Click here to read about Taking In Naples, FL: A Tour of the City's Best Museums and Galleries.

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For a true oasis away from the hustle of the city, head to the Lago d'Averno Nature Reserve. Nature lovers will particularly enjoy the plethora of plant species and the abundance of birds and aquatic wildlife. Boating and fishing are also on offer, taking in the lake's crystal waters and making for a unique and tranquil experience.


Green thumbs and garden lovers can visit the Garden of Luculliu. Set in the old city center of Naples, the Garden of Luculliu is an Italian-style garden from the Renaissance, complete with ornamental plants, manicured paths, and a large water fountain. Here, you can get lost in the beauty of the gardens and learn more about the history and culture of the city.


There’s no better place to take in nature than the Villa Comunale. This large public park is located between the city center and the water's edge, allowing you to explore its botanical gardens and enjoy the impressive views of the city and the sea. Stroll through the trails and stop to admire the green oasis before you.


No visit to Naples is complete without spending some time taking in the scenery. Whether you are looking to explore the hills, admire local nature reserves, explore the garden, or take a stroll through the park, Naples has plenty of options for taking in the stunning views

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