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Exploring the Beauty of Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, FL

The beautiful and exotic Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, FL, is an oasis of spectacular beauty and color. Visitors to the Garden, either of the botanical kids or simply of the curious, will surely be dazzled by the vast array of unusual plants and wildlife. From the dazzling array of tropical plants and trees to the graceful swans in their pond to the stunningly preserved fossilized coral formations and stunningly diverse wildlife, the beauty of Naples Botanical Garden is unparalleled. Information can be found here.


The Garden offers a variety of experiences, from knowledgeable Garden cultivators and international stakeholders to Garden Explorer Programs teaching the delightfully curious about the plants and creatures to be found within. Families can spend the afternoon strolling the delightful pathways, bird-watching from perched vantage points, listening to the captivating sounds of exotic plants and animals, or simply basking in the glorious heat of a Florida day. See here for information about An Adventurer's Guide in Naples, FL: Exploring Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.

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The Garden aims to teach, share and spark curiosity in the vibrant world of plants and ecology. With over 170 acres of land, there is always something new to explore. From the exotic Bamboo Grove with its unique, towering stalks and pleasant sound of wind in the leaves to the Elkhorner Estate with its imperial architecture and beautiful Italianate garden, there is something to captivate both adults and children alike.


The Garden also hosts many events throughout the year to further share its botanical works, like film screenings and art galas. Naples Botanical Garden continually seeks to research and engage in cultivating, preserving, and restoring its ecosystems, bringing out the beauty in the power and growth of nature to capture and share the beauty found within the Garden walls.

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