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There are people that go years without realizing their Southwest Florida home needs repiping. If you have an older home in Marco Island, Naples or Bonita Spring,it is likely that your home is overdue for a repiping service.

The hard water in Florida causes copper, brass and cast iron pipes to corrode over time, resulting in anything from minor leaks to major plumbing emergencies. 


When a leak develops under the foundation of your property or in walls behind bathtubs and vanities it is often a better option to simply replace the entire damaged water system. At Marco Plumbing, we are experts in repiping. We have successfully repiped thousands of Marco Island properties with minimal disruptions. 


Our experienced plumbers are Marco Plumbing use high quality PEX pipes for our repipes. PEX is freeze resistant and able to expand or contract if the water inside does freeze. PEX tubing is extremely durable and flexible pipe that holds up to the harsh water conditions in SWFL. We have found that PEX pipe is one of the best alternatives to the deteriorating copper water lines homeowners in our area have been experiencing. 


Here is a breakdown of what repiping can mean for you….


  • Increased home value

  • Stronger water pressure

  • Clean healthy water

  • Eliminate water loss

  • Improved water delivery


How do you know if it is time for a repipe?


If you have more than one leak in a year, it is likely time for a repipe. The older your piping is, usually correlates to how often you will get pip leaks. 


Do you have a leak, and have copper pipes?


The only way to prevent leaks from occuring is to get a plumbing repipe. Once copper pipes start corroding there is no stopping the progression. 


The process for a plumbing repipe is as follows: our technicians will replace all the hot and cold water lines in your home. Typically we install the new piping in your home’s attic and/or in the interior walls to supply water to your fixtures. 


Our repipes come with up to a 15 year warranty so you can rest assured you are in good hands with Marco Plumbing. Contact us right away to have one of our plumbing professionals check your water lines or pipes before it’s too late.

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