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Fishermen's Secrets to Catching Big Fish at the Naples Pier in Naples, FL

There is a time-honored tradition among fishermen in and around Naples, FL – fishing from the Naples Pier. For decades, recreational fishermen of all ages have gathered here, dreaming of reeling in the “big one. Learn more here.


The local fishermen at the Naples Pier share many tips for catching big fish. One of the best-kept secrets is to use the right bait. Live shrimp is the most popular bait, as it is easy to cast out a bait bag and see if you can catch some surface-feeding fish. Larger fish can be attracted to cut bait, such as larger chunks of bonito, mackerel, or pilchards. Learn more about Discovering the Wonders in Naples, FL: Golisano Children's Museum of Naples, FL.

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Another great way to entice big fish while fishing at the Naples Pier is to look for captive fish. Catching and releasing live bait is an excellent way to improve your chances of getting a big catch. Using the right equipment and bait can help bring the big fish closer to you.


It’s important to go with the flow. So be sure to watch the tide and use it to your advantage. When the tide is incoming, cast your line farther out where the current pushes your bait.


With these secrets for catching big fish, the fishermen of the Naples Pier are well on their way to reeling in the “big one.” So when you’re ready to try your luck “on the pier,” remember these secrets to success!

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