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Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens: Where Wildlife and Botanical Beauty Unite

Naples, Florida, renowned for its upscale lifestyle and scenic beauty, is home to a unique attraction that combines wildlife and lush botanical gardens – the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Learn information about Naples, FL.


A Rich History


Established in 1919, the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is one of Florida's oldest zoos. Originally a lush garden known for its subtropical plants, it has since transformed into a vibrant zoological park focusing on wildlife conservation. Discover facts about Freedom Park in Naples, Florida: A Tranquil Oasis of Patriotism.

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Animals from Around the World

Visitors can explore various exotic animals from around the globe, including panthers, giraffes, and lemurs. The zoo is known for its efforts in housing and preserving rare and endangered species, making it an educational destination for animal enthusiasts of all ages.


Botanical Beauty

In addition to its wildlife, the zoo boasts an impressive collection of subtropical plants and trees, creating a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment. Strolling through the lush gardens offers a unique opportunity to appreciate flora and fauna.


Educational Programs

The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is committed to education and offers various programs, including animal encounters and informative presentations, enhancing the visitor experience while promoting wildlife conservation.


Family-Friendly Fun

With its interactive exhibits, daily animal shows, and a dedicated play area for children, the zoo is a family-friendly attraction, making it an ideal destination for entertainment and learning.


Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, with its rich history, diverse animal exhibits, and botanical beauty, is a unique and engaging destination for residents and tourists in Naples, Florida.

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