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Where to Eat: A Guide to the Best Local Cuisine and Finds in Naples FL

If you need guidance from local experts, here is a guide to the best local cuisine and finds in Naples, Florida. From family-style Italian and seafood specialties to Mediterranean fusion and Gulf-caught seafood, these restaurants will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Learn more here.


Ambrosia — This neighborhood gem is known for its classic Italian cooking, specializing in dishes like the "Giglio" ravioli with ricotta cheese and the "pollster" pizza. Ambrosia is known for its warm atmosphere and hospitality and is a favorite among locals. Learn more about Perfecting the Perfect Day on Naples Beach.

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Bar Tulia — This popular spot serves contemporary Italian-inspired fare with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. The dinner menu includes dishes like smoked bluefish Crudo and Tuscan-style black kale. The bar is just as impressive, offering craft cocktails, beers, and wines from the nearby region of Campania.


Chops City Grill —Chops City Grill serves American steaks and seafood in a modern dining setting. Dine indoors or on their patio and enjoy favorites like wood-grilled ribeye or Alaskan king salmon.


Fish & Vine —This delicious seafood spot serves tongue-tingling Gulf Coast-style dishes. The menu features local catches such as grouper, snapper, and pompano. They also offer craft beers, spirits, and a variety of wines from the nearby region of Apulia.


Naples, Florida, has something for everyone, whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or casual night out with friends. With various cuisines and atmospheres, the restaurants of Naples are sure to please. Bon appetite! From French and Italian to American favorites, you’ll never go hungry.

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